My Manifesto


Looking into manifestos made by important influential people in history for example Dr. Martin Luther King “I have a dream”, Jon Lennon: Imagine, The green living manifesto and Marvin Gaye: What’s Going On. There are countless more manifestos I totally agree with and support and in my own manifesto I touched upon issues that are close to me things that are going on around us everyday and changes that needs to be made.

My visions for the future are:

  • Stop knife crime and start investing more into our young people. We need to find out what the problems are and why they want to kill each other. Find something constructive for these kids to do.
  • Look into the police force in great detail. We need to put a stop to the issue of drugs and guns. Investigate why the guns and drugs seized on the streets by police are then later put back onto the streets. This needs to be investigated and stopped.
  • I want all the rich people making a lot of money to be taxed more then the average person and have a system in place that they cannot move money out of the country without paying tax on it. The tax money taken from the rich must be put back into things like the NHS and community funding.
  • My vision is to turn every country in the world a green eco friendly land with everything renewable energy. But to be realistic I will start with the UK. The government needs to give everyone access to solar panels not just aimed at home owners give everyone who lives in council properties an opportunity to have one.
  • I would like to see every house, flats and business to have a compost machine installed on there grounds, so all food wastes can be disposed off and then applied to all green areas and used to grow organic foods. I want everyone to be involved in.
  • I want people working together as a community to help their neighbours, clean the streets and take control of today’s young people and mentor them to be better and do better and think about community.
  • I would like the school systems to involve the parents more on the subjects that being taught to our kids. I believe equality for all but I don’t agree with a school teaching my child about issues they don’t know about and as a parent I believe that I am the one to teach my child about transgender, same sex parenting and Homosexuality.

I believe that we all can be part of a better, fear and just world if we work together. Work together to stop wars people killing other humans for profit and for politics. Destroy all guns and make politicians, heads of states listen to the people and make the changes that fit every ones needs. I want every country in the world to become green and use renewable technologies in all aspects of their architecture landscape. Combat pollution and reverse climate change.



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